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Judge Roy Scream

Ride Statistics
Ride Type: Wooden, out-and-back roller coaster
Height: 71 ft
Top Speed: 53 mph
Length: 2670 ft
Year Introduced: 1980
Inversions: 0
Manufacturer: William Cobb & Associates, with trains by Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters (PTC)
Duration: 1 min, 30 sec
Height Requirement: 42"
Status: Operating
Flash Pass Enabled: No
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Judge Roy Scream

The Judge Roy Scream is a family wooden roller coaster located alongside the scenic entrance lake of the park. Given the remote location of the coaster, guests must use an underground tunnel in Goodtimes Square that lies beneath the park's parking lot entrance to access the ride's queue line. The tunnel, which can be a challenge for Six Flags over Texas novices to find, is located near the Texas Chute Out parachute ride.

A relatively mild ride, the Judge Roy Scream is a great family coaster and provides a good transition between kiddy coasters and the larger thrill rides.

The name "Judge Roy Scream" is a nod to the eccentric Texas Justice of the Peace, Judge Roy Bean. Keeping with the theme, the ride has a sign at the top of the lift hill just before the first drop stating "Appeal Denied."



The entrance for Judge Roy Scream which takes visitors in a tunnel under the park's entrance road Train traveling down first drop The large second hill of Judge Roy Scream Judge Roy Scream turnaround Judge Roy Scream's lift hill and its proximity to the six flags at the park's entrance road View High-Res Image

Judge Roy Scream Comments

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This is my favorite coaster of all

Comment Posted: March 7, 2012


anyone else remember from the early/mid 90's how they'd boast the only way to ride the Scream backwards was to come during Spring Break?

Comment Posted: January 14, 2012


If I remember correctly, the Judge was my first wooden coaster! It's a great ride to train the kids for the bigger coasters at SFOT! This is an extraordinary out-and-back coaster that provides a decent amount of airtime. It looks truly beautiful when you view it while driving or from the Oil Derrick. It's a little rough, but that's what a wooden coaster is all about in my opinion! Other coasters may come and go, bt the Judge is here to stay!

MY RATING: 4 stars

Comment Posted: November 25, 2010


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