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Runaway Mountain

Ride Statistics
Ride Type: Steel indoor coaster
Height: 65 ft
Top Speed: 40 mph
Length: 1500 ft
Year Introduced: 1996
Inversions: 0
Manufacturer: Premier Rides
Height Requirement: 48"
Status: Operating
Flash Pass Enabled: Yes
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Runaway Mountain

Runaway Mountain is a steel, indoor roller coaster that is set in complete darkness. Located in the Old South & France section of the park, the ride's queue is heavily themed to a mining operation in a swamp area. The ride's layout includes helixes and large, swooping turns, including one extremely-banked turn/drop thats intensity makes many riders incorrectly assume there's an inversion or loop during the ride.

Once riders enter the cave of the "roller coaster that dares the darkness," an eccentric character known as Gator McGee claims ownership to the mountain and gives riders boarding instructions.



Runaway Mountain Runaway Mountain Queue Line Runaway Mountain Station Runaway Mountain


An on-ride POV of Runaway Mountain with the lights on can be found below.

Runaway Mountain Comments

Comments from Forum Users

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Runaway Mountain is hands-down the best indoor coaster I have ever ridden. Lots of airtime to be had! Like the ride description says, the first time I got off the ride I wondered whether or not there was an inversion! It was a very surprising ride, since I was a little kid the first time I rode it. My mother asked the ride operator if it was tall, fast, etc, and the op said no. It isn't those things to me now, but at that age it was quite a step! The ride is also extremely smooth, and the trains are very roomy and comfortable. Runaway Mountain remains one on the park's best coasters!

MY RATING: 5 stars

Comment Posted: November 25, 2010


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