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Ride Information
Ride Type: Shoot the Chutes
Year Introduced: 1987
Manufacturer: O.D. Hopkins Associates Inc.
Height Requirement: 36" with adult, 42" to ride alone
Thrill Rating: Moderate
Park Section: USA
Status: Operating
Flash Pass Enabled: Yes

Aquaman Splashdown

Aquaman Splashdown is a standard shoot-the-chutes water ride, a staple at amusement parks for over 100 years. Large boats are hauled to the top of the lift hill before making a quick turn and plunging back down into a large splashdown area. Those wishing to get even wetter can wait on the ride's exit bridge for the massive wave of water generated by the next boat.

Introduced for the park's 1987 season, Aquaman was initially called Splashwater Falls. In 1995, when the park added the motion simulator theater with The Right Stuff movie, the ride was re-themed as "Splash Down Re-Entry Test Simulation." The ride was once again re-named in 2007 to Aquaman Splashdown along with the addition of an Aquaman statue placed in the splashdown pool.


Aquaman Sign Turnaround


Ride Comments

Comments from Forum Users

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Aquman Splashdown is a must. The drop is pretty steep, so be prepared for butterflies! This ride gets you SOAKED! If you want, you can stand on the exit bridge when the boat comes down and get extra soaked!

MY RATING: 5 stars

Comment Posted: January 15, 2011


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